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Who We Are | Let’s Cook Santa Cruz

Who We Are

 Patricia Poritzky, Owner and Founder

Patricia is a self-taught home chef who is passionate about food, from soil to table.  She is constantly in pursuit of culinary knowledge, from traditional dishes to the newest in creative original flavors.  At Let’s Cook! she has gathered together a network of local farmers, chefs, restauranteurs, and homestead artisans, to bring you a wonderful assortment of classes and food adventures.

Patricia founded Let’s Cook! on the philosophy that food is the great common thread spanning the myriad of generations and cultures.  The food prepared in our home kitchen is an expression of our geographic and cultural, roots and legacy.   Not to mention personal taste and even social views.  The meals we prepare and serve for our families become the center of our traditions.  It is where we gather together at the end of the day to nourish our families; body and spirit.  Patricia believes that if we are what we eat, then we can do no better than sustainable, organic, local and environmentally responsible cuisine.

IMG_3301 2Dana Buckler, V.P. of Operations 

Dana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in organizing all kinds of events and has worked with Patricia at Let’s Cook! since its inception.

She has 25+ years experience in the administrative field and worked for over 10+ years in the restaurant industry before becoming a Mother.  Since 1999, she has volunteered her time at her daughter’s school serving in a leadership role and on the Board of Governors for 12+ years.

Dana worked as an office manager for The Staubach Company and organized an event featuring Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Roger Staubach and San Francisco 49er Quarterback Joe Montana.  She has organized many events including graduations, grand openings, and capital campaign events to raise money for a new site.

Dana loves to cook and hopes others will share in the joy and camaraderie that cooking brings.

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