Cooking Classes at Let’s Cook

We are constantly adding fresh exciting classes which take advantage of the wide variety of seasonal ingredients grown locally while our ongoing Cooking Essentials series is available year round.

Hands-on cooking classes

During your hands-on experience, you will receive instruction from our experienced chef who will go over the recipes and techniques needed to create the dishes you’ll be working on. After that, students will break into teams. Each team tackles a recipe from the menu and will head to a station set up with the necessary tools to create the recipe. After all the cooking is done, everyone will enjoy sampling their creations having used their new found cooking skills.  The class will conclude with a brief Q&A with the Chef.

Demonstration classes

Our demonstration classes allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching a culinary professional in his/her natural habitat. Watch, listen, learn, taste. You will take home recipes and in some cases even a souvenir from the class. These classes are approximately 3 hours in length.

Join Us!

We look forward to seeing you in Let’s Cook. We update our calendar frequently so check back often or click here to opt-in for occasional email announcements and invitations for special events.

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