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With the New Year on the horizon, we wanted to announce that we have new possibilities in store for Let’s Cook!
As of January 1st, Let’s Cook! will actively be in search of a new place to hold our corporate events and cooking classes.
We will keep our wonderful and loyal clients posted as soon as we have some exciting news on a new location.
We’d like to thank you all for your continued support of Let’s Cook! and hope to see you in some of our cooking classes we have posted through December at our current kitchen.


~Patricia, the amazing assistants and chefs at Let’s Cook!

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Everyone loves to eat…Let’s Cook! cooking classes are specifically designed to let everyone with varying cooking abilities participate in creating delicious meals together. Students gather in a fun kitchen environment and learn everything from knife skills to sauces, ethnic cooking to artisan pizza and pasta making.

Let’s Cook! is a recreational cooking school for everyone regardless of skill level. We focus on the joy and simple pleasure of cooking and baking. We offer fun, creative, and delicious adventures in cooking through our informative, hands-on and/or demonstration style classes taught by leading local chefs and food professionals. Our classes will take your culinary skills and food knowledge to the next level and enhance your home cooking and entertaining.

We take pride in supporting local chefs, organic farms, wineries and businesses. Located in Santa Cruz, we are fortunate to be at the heart of the Food Renaissance and we are committed to using seasonal, organic, local and ethically raised and processed ingredients of the highest quality as much as possible.


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Let’s Cook!

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